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"This is a fantastic tutoring program - my son needs support with 5th grade English and I cannot speak more highly of the support he's received. Indu (his tutor) has been supportive, flexible, creative and fun. My son has learned a lot and enjoyed his time with her. Virtual tutoring could be hit or miss (honestly, I was trepidatious going in), our experience has been a homerun. Additionally, their customer support has been excellent as well. If you're considering whether or not to use them, do it."

I just signed my children up with tutor America and the first session went well. My son was answering questions and was engaging. I look forward to many more sessions with them.

- Octavia

- Suzanne

Tutor of the Month: December 

Indira (Indu) Holdsworth

Indu's care for her students is reflected in every session she attends. Parents appreciate Indu's bright smile and friendliness that engages their students.


For the month of December, Indu says that she was committed to helping students finish their semesters strong. Indu knows that teaching is about giving students confidence to be successful, so she relished being told by her students that they were ready to take on their finals! 

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