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- Suzanne P.

English Tutoring, 2021

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Tutor America is proud to have tutored over 500 hours since our launch in August of 2020.


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Core Subjects in K-12

Core subject tutors offer personalized help with math, english, science, and social studies. These tutors are familiar with common core curricula and can adapt to school or county specific topics. Schedule a lesson for core subjects to review content, study for test, do homework, or get ahead.

SAT Tutoring

Standardized test tutors offer a guided path to mastery of all skills required to ace the SAT. Through Khan Academy, tutors can track students' skills in detail and set timelines for making improvements. Tutors have the test expertise to fully prepare students to take the SAT with confidence.

All of our tutors are...

Every tutor has experience working with students. Our team consists of teachers, professors, and experienced tutors.



This is the most important quality in a tutor. We make sure every tutor truly loves what they teach to make sure students will love what they learn. 



All of our tutors are background checked to ensure that your student is working with a reputable educator

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At Tutor America, we're committed to providing work for U.S. citizens.

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"This is a fantastic tutoring program - my son needs support with 5th grade English and I cannot speak more highly of the support he's received. Indu (his tutor) has been supportive, flexible, creative and fun. My son has learned a lot and enjoyed his time with her. Virtual tutoring could be hit or miss (honestly, I was trepidatious going in), our experience has been a homerun. Additionally, their customer support has been excellent as well. If you're considering whether or not to use them, do it."

I just signed my children up with tutor America and the first session went well. My son was answering questions and was engaging. I look forward to many more sessions with them.

- Octavia

- Suzanne

Schedule a session in less than five minutes.


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Tutor of the Month: June

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Jose Hannan

Jose's warmth and patience never goes unnoticed. Parents love to see their student's reaction to a tutoring session with Jose because he creates such a safe space for learning. His content expertise allows him to generate creative explanations that resonate with all learners. 

Jose said that for the month of June, he has been focused on creating avenues for educational enrichment over the summer.

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Free Drop-In Math Tutoring

Hosted by a Tutor America Tutor for

  • Homework help

  • Test Readiness

  • Concept Review

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